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On the southwest corner of kingxdufferin, a stunning brick façade stands apart in the modern cityscape of Toronto. This area was known for its extensive railway network as early as the 1850s, causing industrial development to move westward in the 1880s.

In 1906, the Bank of British North America building was constructed at 1211 King St.W. Designed by architects Ellis & Connery, its robustly Edwardian structure bordered the industrial zone to the east and the residential zone to the west. By the 1920s, the area became a flourishing industrial area. The Bank of British North America eventually turned into a BMO Bank of Montreal until it closed its doors in 2018.

The XO Condos Presentation Centre is set in this beautiful edifice, conveniently situated where Liberty Village, King West, Queen West and Parkdale meet. Concrete columns invite you into the red brick clad building, featuring classical details such as two roof domes, in line with the typical architectural aesthetic of the early twentieth century. High coffered ceilings, art deco light fixtures and numerous windows contribute to an interior ambiance that is classic, bright, airy, and fresh.

The preservation of the unique character of this remarkable heritage building is a top priority and will remain a crown jewel at kingxdufferin.

Let's go back in time...

Railway network expands


Beginning of industrial development


Bank of British North America is erected


Becomes BMO Bank of Montreal


Massive industrial development in the area


Artists discover area and move in


1. How Liberty Village Was Named

Once the site of the Toronto’s Central Prison and the Andrew Mercer Reformatory for Women, this area is where freed prisoners would get their first taste of ‘liberty’ after incarceration.

2. Creation of Toronto Island

Once a 9-km sandspit stretching out into Lake Ontario, an aggressive storm severed it from mainland Toronto in 1858, creating the beautiful Toronto Island we enjoy today.

3. A Buried Bridge

Built in 1914, the bridge over Garrison Creek was no longer needed when the ravine was filled with rubble from the construction of the Bloor-Danforth subway. It was flattened and remains buried under Trinity Bellwoods Park to this day.

4. An Amusing Past

The Sunnyside Amusement Park was demolished to make way for the Gardiner Expressway in 1955. Replacing the rides, the area now features a boardwalk, playground, trail, and greenery.

5. Sunnyside Amusement Park

"The playground by the lake" was modelled after
Coney Island in New York City.  After the fires of 1955, several attractions were sold, the most famous – Sunnyside’s original, hand-carved merry-go-round went to Walt Disney, who refurbished it as King Arthur’s Carousel for his new theme park!

6. House of Balloons

Canadian singer, songwriter, and producer The Weeknd is one of Parkdale’s most notable residents. His debut mixtape House of Balloons was named after his former residence at 65 Spencer Avenue in Parkdale.