As the better weather finally arrives and we’re all feeling a bit of ‘cabin-fever’, it’s only natural to want to get outside and enjoy the months ahead. As residents of XO Condos will discover, living a maintenance-free condominium lifestyle does not mean giving up fresh air and access to the outdoors.

XO Condos will feature 6,500 square feet of amenity space on its second floor, the majority of it uniquely designed with extensions to the outside.

“Lifetime always does extensive research on its neighbourhoods to find out just how people enjoy their urban lifestyles,” says Brian Brown, Lifetime Developments President and CEO. “As a result, we took special care to ensure residents at XO Condos will be able to enjoy the outdoors, and designed most of the amenities with extensions out to an outdoor terrace.”

Included will be a spacious Social Lounge and Dining Room which opens to a grand terrace. There is also an indoor and outdoor yoga area and interactive Kids’ Zone with outdoor play area. The second floor will also feature a large Western-exposed outdoor terrace with BBQ and lounge areas perfect for family gatherings, and immediately south of the King and Dufferin location is the Dufferin-King Parkette, a large outdoor green space that will become an extension of XO Condos backyard.

Clearly, loving your life inside XO Condos will also mean loving the great outdoors as well!