At the hustle and bustle of King and Dufferin, you will soon start to notice a rising development, XO Condos. So, how will XO rise up? What does the construction process entail? No need to look any further for these answers… we’ve got the lowdown from Lifetime Developments!

The general timeline to build a 14-storey condo such as XO is typically three years. Basement construction usually lasts about a year, while build up and completing finishes takes another two. Toronto’s fickle climate however can sometimes influence this timeline, with freezing rain, severe cold and high winds being potential obstacles.

As imaginable, this three-year process involves a variety of trades all working in careful coordination. There can be as many as 20 different trades on-site at any given time, including electricians, plumbers and window installers to name a few– let alone the later stages when drywallers, painters and others are added to the mix.

(photo credit: TVO)

Lifetime coordinates the project consultants including architects and engineers; it all starts years before construction, commencing with planning. The XO project team includes Turner Fleischer Architects, Thomas Pearce Interior Design, Able Engineering, Jablonsky Ast and Partners Structural Engineers and Isherwood Geostructural Engineers, all working in cohesion.

So, as you will soon begin to notice XO Condos rising at this infamous Toronto intersection, keep in mind the intricacy and mindful attention of hundreds of professionals that has and will continue to go into this development.